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10-07-2012, 12:41 PM
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Unpopular opinion I think, but I think it's probably the rich franchises holding things up. The failing franchises just want to make money, be it by cutting costs or by better revenue sharing. Better revenue sharing is in everyone's best interest except the richest teams, whereas cost cutting benefits all club owners and hurts the players. Seeing as the poor teams probably don't care where the extra $$$ come from, it's easier to side with their peers (owners) than players, and fight that battle on a united front.

I've thought from the beginning this is a battle of rich team vs. poor team, and the players are sort of caught in the middle. The nature of the CBA is league vs. labor, so it's always presented as a players vs. owners issue, when I don't think that's necessarily true. I hesitate to call the players 'victims' here, but they didn't go looking for a fight.

That said, the players should realize that there are struggling clubs and that while that's not really their fault (the players) it is in their best interest long term to see all clubs doing well, and that taking a percentage cut now can benefit them long term if overall growth continues. whether true or not, when a club like the Blackhawks say they're still losing money, everyone should take notice as they're in the midst of a record consecutive sellout streak. We can argue until the end of time about which clubs are legitimately losing money and which are flat out liars, but there are franchises out there that ARE losing money.... when was the last times players lost money? I'm pretty sure the answer is never... owners assume all the risk and while its not the players responsibility to assume that risk, they should realize that when a franchise fails the cost to them is that 1/30th of players will lose their jobs... and that is the risk the players assume by not coming down from 57%

The reality is that both sides need to compromise.... rich teams need to share revenue better, but players also need to come down from 57% so that rich teams aren't crippled by a system that shares revenue effectively... it's the rich teams that are responsible for so much revenue generation, so to penalize them is to shoot yourself in the foot, no matter which side you're on.

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