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10-07-2012, 12:47 PM
Change is good.
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Oh, where do I begin?

- I never understood why the organization essentially dismissed Vanbeisbrouck in favor of Richter. Beezer was a couple of years older, but other than that I thought they were equally good and they could've gotten a lot more for Richter (especially if they had pulled the trigger on the trade before the expansion draft forced the trade).

- The majority of the trades leading up to the '94 championship were unnecessary and gutted what could have been a dynastic team in the 90s. Basically, Larmer and MacTavish were the only two players they acquired that I actually think they needed and the only deals where I think the Rangers came close to "winning" the deal.

- As others have said, I thought that after '94 Messier actually became more of a destructive influence than a constructive one. The trades he forced, the nasty '97 split - and then everything after his return was just a train wreck.

- Trading Leetch was the right thing to do. The timing was wrong (they should have committed to a rebuild earlier) and it should have been done in the same fashion that Boston traded Bourque (send him to a legit championship contender for one last shot at the Cup), but it was still the right move for a team that was so desperately in need of a complete overhaul.

- I always liked Hossa and feel he could have been developed into a Johan Franzen type player, but didn't get the opportunity or patience required.

- I was a huge Nik Zherdev fan and felt the organization completely bungled that situation due to a bad month and a half (which happened to include a playoff series) and a personal dislike by Torts.

- Both Roszival and Malik were good players. They are/were SOLID desfensemen. Unfortunately, they were asked to be first pairing defensemen and neither is/was.

- I was never an Avery fan. I appreciated Samuelsson and Tikkanen as agitators, because they did it in an intelligent way and in pursuit of the team's best interests. Sean on the other hand, was a self-interested, immature, undisciplined punk. He had a limited window where he was effective in his first tour, no doubt, but outside of that brief period, he got worse and worse.

- I'm not a huge fan of Torts as coach. I definitely thought Renney needed to go, but would have much preferred Laviolette as the replacement. (To be fair, I do think that Torts has mellowed and matured a bit - a la Coughlin - in the last year or so, but I also think he still has a fair way to go.)

- I liked the Lisin for Korpi trade - and would do it again. Always a good idea to trade a redundant 3rd line asset (especially when he's likely to bolt to the KHL for no compensation - people conveniently forget this fact) for a potential top 6-er, even if he's got significant bust potential.

- Grachev was poorly developed.

- I have always, always thought Dubi was overrated.

- I think Boyle is an excellent player – when played in his proper role.

- Michael Haley will be playing Brandon Prust's role within a year.

- Sather has been on balance a great GM since 2008.

- The team didn't make a single mistake this past offseason.

- I think Marek Hrivik and Kyle Jean have futures in the NHL.

- Agreed on Eminger and the Carcillo incident.

Can you tell I'm missing hockey?

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