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Originally Posted by shai04 View Post
Want to adjust those numbers for tickets that were actually paid for? Going and paying to go are entirely different things. See Phoenix's dollar bash promotion with $1 dogs and $1 beers along with giveaway tickets. Those old figures you've pulled up for Edmonton and most others are meaningless relics of a different time. Entirely different set of circumstances that will never again exist, including corrupt owner, end of a 5 cup dynasty, low dollar, and huge public sector cuts by the government.

Might as well discuss the attendance numbers of the 1915 Toronto Maple Leafs while your at it. What? Bad numbers? Almost like all the men were away visiting Europe...
My point is that there are reasons for teams to suddenly have an attendance decline; in some cases a substantial one.

I'm not here simply to unload on certain teams. My point is that EVERY team in the last 30 years with the exception of four (NY Rangers, Philly, Toronto, Montreal) has had some type of circumstances that kept people away. It could be shady ownership. It could be the local economy. It could be years upon years of brutal hockey.

But my point is that there is a massive double standard. "Traditional" teams have hundreds of thousands of apologists who will bend over backwards and make excuses for Chicago having 62% attendance (2006-07), or Pittsburgh being under 12,000 (2003-04), or the Islanders averaging less than 75% overall for the last 22 years....but as soon as a "non-traditional" team has a downturn for any reason, it's because "it's not a hockey market". Excuses are made for every "traditional" team no matter how irrational it may be, but no such leeway is given for anyone else no matter how serious it may be.

That's what pisses off me and every other "non-traditional" fan. All we're asking is for people to at least be honest. I'm sick and tired of being told that I need to apologize for existing.

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