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Originally Posted by Stix and Stones View Post
I do agree MLSE would rather see a team in Hamilton than Markham. My own belief, it's not MLSE's call and that is why the teachers sold. The league has many ways to pressure MLSE. For example they can force them to pay even more into revenue sharing, say 50 million per year. Or they can allow a second team in the area and pay only 25 million into rev sharing. The Leafs would prefer Hamilton if they had a choice. The League would prefer Markham, so as to do the least amount of damge to the Sabres. My opinion only obviously but time will tell. Cheers!
If Markham trys to land an NHL. team for this so called arena MLSE. will fight tooth & nail & what I mean by that is that MLSE. will file a lawsuit against any prospective owner & the NHL. if they try to put a team in Markham & the last thing the NHL. needs right now is there most valueble sueing them . I disagree that the NHL. wants to put an NHL. team in Markham rather than Hamilton because the big money to be made is not in Markham but the Hamilton area , Southwestern Ontario area , small parts of the GTA. & Niagara region which as access to 8 million people & if you ask me I think another NHL. team southern ontario should be placed in a compermised area in southern ontario namely the Kitchener\Waterloo area that I belive the Leafs & Sabres both can live with . But if you ask me I think we are both being played by the NHL. & they have no disire of putting any other teams in Canada unless Gary Bettman & NHL. arm where twisted into doing so how do you think Winnipeg got the Jets back .

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