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10-07-2012, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Canadian Airlines View Post
^ Your poor attempt at putting down the Canadian franchises is entirely invalid. The Canadian dollar was worth 50 cents US fifteen years ago. That will NEVER happen again. Today, the Canadian franchises are the only reason the NHL is a viable business. You could put a team in Yellowknife and it would sell out every night, plus turn a profit. Can't even say that for most major cities in the US.

Remind me again of all this profit the Preds are making

They signed Weber to the offer sheet because they had no other choice. The team wouldn't even be semi-competitive without him, and even fewer people would go to games.
Making absurd exaggerations doesn't help your case. Yellowknife has a population under 20,000.

The Canadian dollar never went below 60 cents, and was worth about 70 cents US fifteen years ago.

Originally Posted by Canadian Airlines View Post

Just keep ignoring the facts, bud. Yes, I DID seriously say Saskatoon. I guarantee you that a franchise in Saskatoon would sell out every single game for a very long time. They could easily accomplish what Winnipeg STH's accomplished. A building the size of (or slightly bigger than) Winnipeg's would be very viable in Saskatoon. Disagree? Just look at what the Roughriders accomplish in Regina. Fans travel from all over the province to see every Riders game; 60,000+ fans, in fact. Also note that Saskatchewan is about to hit a MAJOR oil boom. Saskatoon has already had a major population increase, and is expected to continue to do that for quite a while.
As fun as it must be to make guarantees about hypothetical situations that won't actually happen, it doesn't prove anything. So let's consider some of the actual facts you neglected to mention:

First off, the Saskatoon metropolitan area is about 260,000. That's about 1/3 of Winnipeg's market.

Also, it's much easier for fans to travel to a football game when there's only 9 home games and they're once every 2 weeks, almost entirely on weekends. Hockey has 41 home games a year, many of which will be on weekdays. A lot less people will consistently travel from afar for weeknight hockey games, than for a once-every-2-week football game on the weekend.

Additionally, you blatantly lied about the Riders' attendance. Average attendance this year is 32,772. Nowhere close to the 60,000+ you claimed. Don't use the words "in fact" when making a completely false statement.

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