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Originally Posted by AfroThunder396 View Post
Perhaps you should explain how Ottawa (2.8M profit in 2012) and Calgary (1.1M profit) are putting up such meager profits despite being Canadian and selling out every game? Those numbers are quite negligible when talking about +100M revenues. In fact, they're smaller than some non-Original 6 American franchises like Colorado and Philadelphia.

Only four of the seven Canadian franchises were top-10 in total revenue last season (Calgary barely making 10th place). Winnipeg was 3rd last in the NHL in total revenue last season, only Phoenix and the Islanders had less. Even New Jersey, a team gushing in +150M of debt, is breaking even or maybe even making a slight profit from hockey operations.

Speaking of debt, in terms of debt/value ratio....three of the bottom 10 teams are Canadian. For reference, Phoenix is 10th best, Calgary and Toronto are the only Canadian teams in better standing when it comes to debt vs. worth.
lolwut? The team didn't even qualify for revenue sharing! Is it just because Bettman has a conspiracy to take away Winnipeg again?

That's likely

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