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10-07-2012, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by zytz View Post
leadership in Chicago claims they're still losing money.
So they claim right before right before a lockout......

Originally Posted by mighty all the way View Post
This thread is so biased. Every fan of the rich teams(except Pitt) say they don't like the poor teams, and all the poor team fans have to defend their team.

If we put all the teams in "solid hockey markets" how are you going to grow the game? If the league stopped caring or never cared about the "small hockey market" then Gretzky would never had gone to LA.

I already get tired of people saying "there's a lockout?" and saying things like they've never heard of hockey. If we try to grow the sport it will help in the LONG run. Why have a bunch of teams in Canada when there's 300 million people in the united states and most of them just need to experience the game and they'll be hooked.

Bolded I don't think so.

I agree you have to grow the game some non traditional markets have been very successful and that's great for the game and I think we should continue to explore some new ones in the future.While some have shown almost 0 signs of life in there existence and I think there comes a point where you just gotta pull the plug. There is no reason why all the solid markets shouldn't have team though.

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