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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Can the Union decertify? And how would that effect negotiations with the league?
Yes, they could. The effect (once the process is complete) is that the lockout would be illegal, as would the salary cap, draft, entry-level system, guaranteed contracts, maximum salaries, minimum salaries...etc.

As for why they don't... well a wild-west scenario may seem good in the immediate, but at the end of the day, salaries are going to be tied to revenues whether formally or informally. The players obviously get a much larger piece of the pie, but if the league implodes as a result, that's a substantially smaller pie.

It's also a case, where the players don't need to get back playing right away. In basketball / football, there were a bunch of guys at risk of going bankrupt if their paycheques didn't continue. In football, there's really no other league to go to. With hockey, sure you're not making quite as much, but you're still earning a decent living, and getting to live in Europe. That's hope for a substantial part of the NHL, and a really cool place to try out for the rest.

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