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10-07-2012, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by murdock1116 View Post
Going off the ESPN thing.

I think the biggest problem with this lockout, is that there is NO MEDIA PRESSURE!

That is the main reason why we're going to lose the entire season. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if we lost two seasons. The players might just do that, I'm sure they are fed up.

Take the NFL, Basketball and NFL Refs disputes. EVERYDAY on ESPN while those were going on, people talked about it. PTI, Blogs, Around the HORN, Sportscenter, couldn't get enough of it. That stuff plays a huge factor!

But since no one "cares" about the NHL lockout, there is no pressure on the owners and nhlpa to continually sit in a room and figure it out.

Look how quick the NFL solved the refs dispute after that monday night game with seattle and green bay. Media went off after that game and that ultimately forced the two sides to get it done.

Honestly I'm dead serious about this, but you know what would help get this thing done? If Justin Bieber tweeted everyday saying, "Yo NHL figure this **** out!" The media would blow up on that.
Agree 100%. A big part of the (perceived?) lack of interest in the NHL is the lack of media coverage. If all day, every day they talked NHL in sports media outlets and drowned people in NHL coverage like they do in the NFL, more people would be into the NHL, and specifically, create an outrage over the NHL lockout.

I understand I'm making a "chicken or the egg which comes first" argument, but I do firmly believe there is a large component of the success of the NFL having to do with the media coverage that draws in people, rather than just people who love the NFL so the media caters to them.

So back to the immediate issue at hand, the NHL and NHLPA would be hard pressed to ignore something like, for example, the next two weeks of having US sports media (tv, radio, print, internet, etc) drill into the greedy owners/players for not resolving this.

Would never happen, but then again, we've seen the sports media, from time to time, waste time on such things as steroids and Jerry Sandusky than talk about actual ongoing sports.

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