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10-07-2012, 02:40 PM
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Nutrition question

Hey everyone,

I started taking hockey skills lessons (first time ever playing hockey!) about a month ago and I have been experiencing some funky appetite stuff going on. So I wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas/thoughts/suggestions about what I can do...

I'm about 5'1", female, pretty athletic/fit. I was doing Crossfit and eating Paleo pretty religiously for about a year, but stopped about six months ago due to back problems (yes, caused by Crossfit.) Now with my new hockey schedule (Saturday and Monday evenings) I try to do Crossfit once a week and try to fit in a day of running/sprints/HIIT workout also. I was eating about 90% paleo, and now I'm down to about 65% (and feeling good about it! I like it as a good base for what I should be eating, but don't feel bad about adding bread anymore, or eating ice cream or whatever if I feel like it.)

BUT since starting hockey- 2 hrs Saturday evenings and 1.5-2 hrs Monday evenings, my appetite has just gone down the drain. Does this make any sense?? I don't see these sessions as any more intense than a Crossfit WOD, though perhaps the amount of time spent being active in a hockey skill session versus a ~12 minute WOD is what is making the difference.

Also I have noticed that about 30-45 minutes into a Saturday night 2-hr hockey session I feel so fatigued I just want to sit down and stop. I keep going, but it doesn't feel good. These Saturday sessions are with (more experienced) men on a full ice, whereas my Monday night classes are with women my level on a half-rink. So I imagine that this has something to do with it as well...?

Before the Saturday two hour sessions I've had meals like:

- Sandwich consisting of wheat bread, mozzerella, tuna, chard + salad of greenbeans and tomatoes
- Sautee of potatoes, brocolli, peppers, quinoa + hamburger + salad

Both sessions start around 9 pm, so I eat around 6-6:30. Is this too early? I like to give my body time to digest because I definitely don't want to feel like vomiting during the [expensive] classes. I generally go to 11 am Crossfit WODs, and the breakfast I eat at 8 am is always enough to sustain me for that. I've felt starving and fatigued about 30-45 minutes into the 2 hr hockey sessions though. What am I doing wrong here??

Can anyone recommend a good pre-2 hr session meal? Or have any thoughts about what I can be doing differently?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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