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10-07-2012, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by KidCanuck10 View Post
Originally Posted by western redmen
This is a joke... I just lost a 4 star potential defenseman with 87 skating to waivers.... Please turn the waivers off...the CPU gm is just ********

Stop picking up guys that are on waivers when you have 23 men on your roster or you will keep losing players. They are put on waivers and if claimed they remain in the NHL, you can't have 24 men on your roster, you have done it twice now, that is what happened to you last time as well. Send down a player before you make a waiver claim so you have room for him on your roster or your screwing yourself.
How Am i screwing myself. I had room for him, the dumbass CPU decide the player in the ahl is better suited than him so he called them up and send him down. Beside, I couldn't even call anyone up or send anyone down because I was at the cap floor at the time

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