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Ankle gel wraps?

I've mentioned this in the skate fitting thread before, but my skates beat the crud out of my ankles. I have permanent rashes on both ankles with almost callous-like impressions of my sock weave on them. My doctor looked at them and said it was just pressure/irritation as opposed to an infection or allergic reaction. This has happened with multiple pairs of skates, so I'm assuming it's an issue with my skin (which is absurdly sensitive to everything) more than the fit on the skate. The past few weeks, I've also started developing a cut/scab/blister where the edge of the tongue rubs as I stride.

The irritation wasn't a problem when I was playing for 90 minutes once a week. But now I'm playing 3-4 times a week and it's getting really annoying, not to mention painful.

So I've thought really seriously about going to some sort of ankle wrap to protect this area. I can't find anything for hockey (since this isn't lace bite - it wraps almost all the way around my ankles - the gel pads don't seem like the answer), but there is this figure skating product that looks almost perfect:

Does anyone have experience with something like this for hockey? And even if not, any thoughts on how this might work for me?

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