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My first questions would be whether you're hydrating enough during hockey. You sweat a lot more than you realize during hockey due to the gear absorbing it (hence the gear smelling like something undead), and it's easy to not drink enough. The sensation of thirst can often present as hunger, so I'd rule out that you're downing enough water. If you're getting dehydrated, that would definitely cause some fatigue.

As far as other reasons for fatigue, it may also just be a matter of conditioning yourself to be used to two-hour, full-ice sessions. The anaerobic workout of hockey is a different type of fitness than a straight-up aerobic workout like running. Depending on how long you've played that Saturday night game, your body might just be adjusting to it.

I don't think you're eating too early. I'm not much of an expert on nutrition, but I know NHL players tend to carb-load at lunch before the game. Chicken and plain pasta is the stereotypical meal. They also hydrate like mad. Here's a CBC article on recommended pre-game meals for junior players:

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