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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
I'm very skeptical of any renovations, of any magnitude, lasting 40 years. Especially on a building that's already 27 years old. Not skeptical that those renovations would last that long, mind you. Where my skepticism lies is the down-the-road operating costs (increase). As a businessman, I would have to really step back a moment and evaluate the pro's and con's. First, $150 million was the estimate in 2007, managed to stay that number in Balsillie's plans, so factor in 2012 + figures to what... around $170-$180 million in renovation costs?

The renovation/upgrade plans I've seen certainly boost revenue potential and overall amenities/fan experience but show me nothing of revamping core structure, electrical, and water/sewer capabilities with regards to conservation, waste elimination, green initiatives, and the like. Now, if I want to significantly attempt to scale back my longterm costs, then I'd best plan to add another $12-$17 million on revamping those aforementioned items.

If weighing immediate benefits vs. long term, and considering that I'm estimated to be between $170 and say $210 (allowing for small cost overun) and essentially half way there towards building a whole new arena, I would have to seriously weigh my options on a whole new arena.

I'm repeatedly on record as saying that Hamilton should get a franchise. So I don't have to be sold to on that. Given that Global Spectrum is now going to run Copps and Hamilton Place, one could summize that they "smell" somethings in water. Where I stop short of a full court press, at the moment, is Copps itself.
Reason I said the renovatting Copps could make it last another 40 years Copps Coliseum was bulit with future renovations in mind because if you look at the foot print of copps coliseum it is tripled that of any other arena in country also the roof of Copps coliseum was designed to be raised to make room for addtional seats & boxes & this can be done pretty quickly .

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