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10-07-2012, 04:03 PM
Yay band.
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Originally Posted by JerseyGuy276 View Post
I was visiting my brother and cousin and I went to the Baylor game. Can you see me in that video? I'm wearing gold!

I'm going back for the Oklahoma game before thanksgiving. Also, whats the deal with couches lol. Who made that the tradition lmao.

My brother came home this weekend so my dad is probably pleased he wasn't tear gassed hahaha. I expect a win over Oklahoma to produce a similar after effect, especially if both teams win out heading into that game, it'll be at night, resulting in ridiculous amounts of lulz. xD
Oh cool. Do they go to school here?

And I'm not quite sure where the couch burning tradition started, but it happens regardless of what anybody tries to do to stop it haha. Especially when we're consistently playing good teams now in the Big XII. This is just one of multiple couch fires lol.

And yea they're already selling Gold Rush shirts for the game. Good Sooner team or not, it's still Oklahoma coming to WVU and it'll be a crazy atmosphere for that game. It's times like those that I don't necessarily mind not living downtown haha.

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