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10-07-2012, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Mafoofoo View Post
I think all these lockout contracts have clauses saying they can come back right away if the lockout ends.
I do hope so, then again how many players bothered to put that in the contract, intentionally or otherwise. THAT is my real worry. They went with the intention of staying.

Originally Posted by Inub0i View Post
I'm hoping for a season, even if it starts late (November).
If its November, best start preparing for next season, and Damm your avi is cute

Originally Posted by 4thLinePlug View Post
I blame the owners 100%.

If the players accepted what the owners are giving them, then the owners would know that they could do whatever the **** they wanted and lockout again once the new CBA was done.

I honest to god wonder if the NHl would be better off with monkeys running it.

Hmmm. We're short on money. Lets waste 100m+ on trying to save the phoenix coyotes, and then have the owners all chip in to cover the losses. Oh what? the player gave another player the dirtiest cheap shot ever, Fine him 2500$.

Theyre are 3 simple ways in my mind to fix the lockout and end it now.

1. Stop with this stupid % of HRR BS for the cap number, Make the cap frozzen at 70m until the 70m is equal to 50% of HRR. At that point, the cap will become 50% of league revenue again.

This makes the owners happy, in the sense that they save money long term. The players are happy as their current contracts arent effected, and since the cap is the same, nobody is waived to create space.

2. Get the Coyotes the **** outta the desert and move them to canada.
2.1 You get a massive relocation fee. This helps cover the money lost from the lockout.
2.2 Quebec city has the funds to field a competitive team, and will spend more then phoenix did. This means the players will get paid more money.
2.3 You dont waste that money on keeping the team in the desert.

3. Increase player fines. Instead of 2500. make the maximum 25000. Yes thats right, there is an extra 0. The money collected would be entered into the revenue sharing system. The players, while not wanting to pay 10x as much, agree to this because the increase in fines hopefully makes players think longer about that dirty cheap shot they decide to throw.
I think the cap system is in need of a full overhaul. In the end the NHL just needs to let go of its failing markets and let them move, put them where there's a market and money. Can't bankroll teams anymore. Your other points are perfectly legit tho, but there needs to be a 3 man panel rather than just one to determine penalties. One man has way too much power.

Originally Posted by ChompChomp View Post
Agree 100%. A big part of the (perceived?) lack of interest in the NHL is the lack of media coverage. If all day, every day they talked NHL in sports media outlets and drowned people in NHL coverage like they do in the NFL, more people would be into the NHL, and specifically, create an outrage over the NHL lockout.

I understand I'm making a "chicken or the egg which comes first" argument, but I do firmly believe there is a large component of the success of the NFL having to do with the media coverage that draws in people, rather than just people who love the NFL so the media caters to them.

So back to the immediate issue at hand, the NHL and NHLPA would be hard pressed to ignore something like, for example, the next two weeks of having US sports media (tv, radio, print, internet, etc) drill into the greedy owners/players for not resolving this.

Would never happen, but then again, we've seen the sports media, from time to time, waste time on such things as steroids and Jerry Sandusky than talk about actual ongoing sports.
NHL in the states will always be 2nd bananna on the best of days. If there gonna get any fan-base rolling its the internet that's gonna carry it, not the TV market.

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