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10-07-2012, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
10 years ago, the teams in trouble were Edmonton, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Ottawa.

Should the NHL have sat up and said, "The hell with them. They've had long enough, and if they're not profitable in the markets they're in, then they need to either move somewhere where they'll be profitable or else just go away"?
There is a difference between those teams and phx or fla or cbj. Those other teams had a fan base at least and earned profit at some point. These other ones though have never consistently been able to contribute and are losing money over the long term. At best they will break even within 10m. With the other ones at least u knew they could bounce back and were succesful at some point.

I'm a fan of a mid market team and I am tired of them and if they have to exist then fine but the floor better be so low that they arent relying on high amts of rev sharing. If fla is lising money then them going on an fa binge is ridiculous. cbj was spending more last yr than my own team.

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