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10-07-2012, 10:38 PM
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Jacob Blair is the least of our worries. He has been hung out to dry the last two games.

We need our defence, especially our veterans to start playing better. We need to hire a defense coach to teach them how to play defense. Right now all they are doing is skating around in circles, leaving men wide open for easy goals. We can't control forwards skating wide on the defense. How many goals have been scored like this? We are always second to the puck.

We need to get some forwards. Its been three years in a row that we are short forwards and need defense to step up. How many times last year did we go with 16 or 17 skaters? Last night and today we were short. Either find some one to play with Monahan or trade him to reap something for the next few years. Get rid of Janes. He can't pick up a pass, and when he does he skates in to the zone and then loses it to the defense. We cross the red line dump the puck in and then don't go get it, so its an easy breakout for the other team.

Where is Larry Skinner? He i still listed as an assistant coach, but I have yet to see him at any of the games. At least last year it looked like he was coaching the kids on the bench.

We also need a new head coach. Byrne has done nothing with his teams in three years. So much talent last year, we should have been in the Memorial Cup.

I have been a season ticket holder for 24 years. I lived through the Bob Ellet and Peter Lee coached years. This is by far the worst coached team I have seen. if things don't change, I can see us being in line to break London's record for futility.

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