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10-08-2012, 03:26 AM
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From my friends:

Ducks (me) 1
Red Wings 3
Bruins 1
Avalance 1
Devils 1
Penguins 1

These are so called "true fans". The teams have been those since 90's school days, and we have fighted in many schoolyard fights defending our opinions Allthought I haveto say I think Red Wings has allways been cool, I like it too, even thought its pretty bad enemy for Ducks. Its classic jerseys and history and great players which it allways seem to have makes one to respect the team.

But most of the fans are right now Ducks and Minnesota, because those teams have great finns and multiple of them. Now granlund with the Wilds and Vatanen with the ducks as new wont make it less. But those fans will follow where ever the finns are, they arent really that big fans I think.

Then there is bandwagoners, like now you can see Kings cap's used all the time, who the hell used a Kings cap year or two ago? No one.

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