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Originally Posted by Hooah4 View Post
IMO it sounds like you're "bonking". Depleting your glycogen stores to the point where you lose performance. You may have to increase your carb allowance 6-8 hrs prior to playing hockey. I've experienced this feeling myself when going low carb and biking.
your muscles are starved.
You cannot technically bonk after 30 minutes of activity.

To the OP, you originally talked about your appetite going down the drain. Before or after hockey? Or is it a general lack of appetite over the course of the week?

When I raced, I had a tendency to overtrain and a bizarre consequence of overtaining is loss of appetite. One would think that the effects of overtraining would make one want to eat everything in sight but that's not how it works.

Overtaining is more than just being tired or overdoing it for a few days. It's a physiological condition where you've dug yourself into a hole that can take a week or two to get out of. The instinct that you need to work harder to get your conditioning back up is the trap. What you need to do is cut way back on everything.

Maybe this is the problem?

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