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10-08-2012, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by bluemandan View Post
Are there really enough teams in need of a cap dump for it to be in the next CBA?

There are at least a few teams that don't.
I think there are about half the teams in the league in the $60-70M range, and the other half in the $50-60M range. So it really would just all depend on where a new cap number landed, and when the league was going to bring it in.

But since the players seem to be deadset against having salaries rolled back across the board, perhaps an amnesty buyout is the way around this in a lowered-cap CBA. All the unbought-out players keep their salaries per their existing contracts, no rollbacks. And at least the bought-out guys get their money (or some fraction of it), lump sum say. Maybe they can sell that to the union... some of the bought-out guys would turn around and sign smaller deals elsewhere too, which would bump them back to something approaching their original salaries, maybe there'd only be a small handful of players actually out of work.

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