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10-08-2012, 08:18 AM
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just for the record on thomas... suspended players dont get paid so he doesnt need a buyout. His caphit only hurts teams at the cap max. Many teams arent at the cap max. His real salary is 3 mill if he chooses to play and he has won 2 of the past 4 vezina's

so either he sits out suspended... or he reports and plays for 3 million... in neither case does he need a buyout

as for savard... ltir gets calculated on a day by day basis through the season... a team that is near the cap max will be put over the cap max from an ltir. This will hurt their ability to make deadline deals possibly since they wont have unused cap room banked to allow them to go over the cap for the stretch run.

so for Boston... look for Savard to be the most likely guy up for a buyout.

I live in Edmonton but have always cheered Boston.

For the Oilers though both Horcorff and Belenger should both get buyouts... maybe Hemsky too. It's about effecting a culture change. All three guys are legit NHL players and Oilers have the cap room to afford them even though they are overpaid... but IMHO it would be addition by subtraction to ship out these vets and hand leadership over to the kids

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