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10-08-2012, 09:17 AM
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Okay now that I've read your post for real...

Again, check out the sticky threads up top. There are good beginners equipment guides and stick guides and check out AIR's big skate thread. Solid stuff.

Also check out Beth's "hockey newb chronicles", good reading about what to expect and others' experiences.

Now for your fitness, you are in outstanding cardio shape, which is a hell of a start. You're probably fitter than some pro hockey players.

But hockey is really a big muscle sport, and you want to work on the legs, both pushing exercises and pulling. Things you can do in a confined area are bodyweight squats, jump squats (if you have the vertical room), lunges or split squats, box jumps, single leg deadlifts with a dumbbell, kettlebell swings, etc. I'm fat and have no cardio endurance but just focusing on those exercises for a month made me much quicker on the ice.

Also you can get a stick and and a stickhandling ball on work on the USA stickhandling drills to get your hand eye coordination. I liked doing it with gloves on to get the feel. Get a Smart Hockey ball, a wooden stickhandling ball, and a golf ball (or many since they bounce and get lost). I didn't like the green biscuit but you could try one of those too.

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