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10-08-2012, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by DatsyukToZetterberg View Post
Slightly OT:

Tatar has completely reworked his game in the 3 years he has been with the wings. From when he made Grand Rapids out of training camp his first year, to completely altering parts of his game, Tatar has been anything but a disappointment.

When Tatar joined Grand Rapids he was pretty much the prototypical skilled wings prospect (he was a perimeter player). He stayed that way until last year when he realized that in order to make the wings you have to understand how to play in both ends of the ice, he worked heavily on his play away from the puck and now he will be able to succeed in a 3rd/4th line role on the wings. Also have a look at his WC stats & how he's doing right now, on any other team Tatar would be penciled on to a 3rd

Nyquist just played his first full season of pro hockey and was a P/G player. He came up and in his limited time in the NHL showed that he showed flashes of why he should be a mainstay on Datsyuk's wing for the next couple of year.

I don't see why you bring up Andersson as his max ceiling is a 3rd liner, he just has lower risk for not reaching it.

It looks like you're using Stats to back up all of your arguments, if you don't follow another teams prospects then just using stats will make you look like a fool as their can be other things happened that may affect a prospects overall score sheet.

ie: You say Pulkkinen only had 37 points in 56 games (it was a disappointing year, no doubt about it) but it's not as bad as you make it seem as Pulkkinen was still 2nd or 3rd on Jokerit in scoring.

(I also don't see why you brought up Kadri who was a top 10 pick. Kadri being a top 10 pick has a higher amount of expectations than Tatar who was the 60th. he doesn't have the same kind of expectations as Kadri to contribute right away)
Excellent points are made here. I kind of want to put it all in bold and red just so people read it.

The only issue I have is the "on any other team" part. Developmentality speaking, Detroit isn't "every other team" (though there are others who take great care in how they develop prospects), but I think talent-wise Detroit is "any other team" at the moment. They haven't yet had to melt down their throne for money, but they also haven't been sitting in it for a little bit.

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