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10-08-2012, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
Like I said, the way Vick has played, Foles deserves a shot. I never said he deserves to finish the freakin season. It's delusional to say that Foles wouldn't be fumbling when he scrambles?...I think we'd be pretty safe from him scrambling too often. AND I bet he knows how to slide the right way.
I meant it's delusional to think Foles gets a shot now, while they are still in it going into Week 6 and an upcoming bye in 7. Sorry. Reid is more likely to send those subliminal messages that he could make the switch at least 2 more times before actually doing anything.

I guess the main point I am trying to make is Andy is the bigger problem than Vick (dude will NEVER learn to utilize what he has for the betterment of his team, a top 3 RB in the game). And if Foles were in, Lurie has an excuse to keep Andy around another year no matter what happens the rest of the year.

But with Vick in, it not only gives the Eagles (read: ownership) a better shot at the playoffs, but the other side is if they do poorly and miss out on the playoffs, the temperature turns way up on the hot seat Andy sits on.

As another poster put it, the only way Foles sees time as a starter this year is if Vick goes down, or they're sitting below .500 come around Thanksgiving (which isn't out of the realm of possibility). But there is no way Reid puts him in now.

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