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10-08-2012, 01:46 PM
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I agree with what SJeasy said,

Remember, of all the sports to have benefitted from HD TV, hockey is EASILY the most. Yet, hockey lost its ESPN contract right when HD was becoming a household standard.

If hockey was on ESPN and in the national spotlight with current broadcast standards, the ratings would be much much better.

As for Chompchomps social experiment, the answer is yes. If people were told hockey is "cool and important" they would watch it. But hockey has taken on the stereotype of being an outsider sport. I get pissed off everytime I hear a sportscaster make a sarcastic joke about "hockey? who watches hockey?" That is SOOOO bad for reinforcing the stereotype.

One of the big big gripes I have with the NHL is how they market their players. They do a poor poor job of it. As much as people hate on the Terrell Owens', Ron Artests', Chad Ocho Cinco's of the world, they are important for growing the buzz of your sport.

The NHL NEEDS to have more of the **** talkers in the public eye. Not goons, but talkers.

Also think about how monday/sunday night football do their broadcasts. They show close up pictures/footage of players saying their name and college everytime they do a line up. That's huge!! Hockey never does that! They might show Crosby looking up at camera before a commercial but that does nothing!

They should be announcing the lines everynight.

You gotta have star players, people who are household names. If you can do that, then you'll see the popularity increase immensely.

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