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Originally Posted by Stickchecked View Post
It sounds like you might be overtrained. The psychological component coupled with lack of appetite is the real tell. When you can't get emotionally up for a sport that you love, you're essentially burned out. When you lack the desire to replace the calories that your body has used up, there's something wrong.

You have to listen to your body and your body is basically saying, "No more."

How many days off during the week do you take?

If you are overtrained, you essentially need to take a full week off to get out of the hole. You can do some minimal activities during that week, like VERY short bits of cardio followed up by an extended period of stretching. Basic maintenance stuff and that's it. But you really want to keep your energy expenditure way down because your body needs to refuel its energy reserves.

The downside is, no one likes taking time off. The upside is, you will actually come back stronger and more energized after the week is over. And don't cut the week short just because you're feeling energized, you need to give it a little extra time to fully restore your energy systems. I would expect your appetite to fully return. Take another 3 days off once it does.

Or you can just try to cut back on exercises, maybe skip CF for a week, especially if you're doing it the day before hockey, and see if your body can pull itself out of its hole. I think it's unlikely but I understand the aversion to giving up sport sessions one has paid money for.

I would also look into moving your CF away from the day before a 2 hour hockey class.
What you're saying makes a lot of sense. I'm going to have about 2 weeks coming up where I won't be able to play any hockey at all, so I'm interested (to say the least) to see how my body will respond. I've definitely had the experience of taking time off from something and then coming back at it with an unexpectedly new perspective, so I'm hoping that this will be a good (though sad!) break.

I've pretty much been taking off the weekdays because it's been so grueling/Because my appetite/energy have been down. I had a night the other week where I just CRASHED, got about ten hours and felt stellar the next day (though still no appetite.) I did a really short, basic Crossfit WOD on Wednesday (sandwiched between the Saturday and Monday classes) and felt fine about it. I feel like I need to do something to keep up my heartrate during the week.

It does hurt to think about skipping a week but if that will help bring me back to normal then I'm going to look at it for sure (in addition to all the other stuff mentioned.)

When you say very short bits of cardio, what kind of a workout are you looking at? Maybe I'll do a yoga recovery week (I know this isn't cardio.)

All of this makes me have even more respect for what NHL players do [to their bodies]. Granted they have huge support systems behind them and the $ to do/eat whatever, but still.

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