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10-08-2012, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Wolf357 View Post
So if a team is located in Markham what would they name it?
Would it be the Markham ........... the Ontario ........... the GTA ....... or the Toronto .......... of Markham (such as the Los Angles Angles of Aneheim)?

Do people from Markham condider themselves Torontonians?
The New York Giants and Jets play in New Jersey but go by New York, The Phoneix Coyotes are from Glendale, Ottawa Senators play in Kanata, I'm sure there are many,many more examples in Pro Sports.

Just currious though...would the new team located in Markham have Markham, or Toronto in its name?
I've wondered this as well.... if I had to guess, if a team ever gets in there, the Leafs would likely demand that any new team in the GTA not use "Toronto" as part of their name, which would likely force the team to use either Markham or Ontario. Personally, I think Ontario would be a more sensible naming choice then a single suburb in a sea of suburbs.

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