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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
The only QB that MIGHT be better... actually, don't even want to use that word.

The only QB that might be less bad, is Mark Sanchez.
Don't get me wrong, you got your brandon weedens and ryan tannehills, but they are both rookies and aren't really playing considerably worse than gabbert. This is gabbertss second season and he's shown almost no improvement since his first game. he's unadulterated garbage. I remember when he was coming out of college I was so confused when McShay was claiming he was the best qb in the draft because I had seen him play a few times at mizzou and always thought he sucked. Next thing you know, he's a top 10 pick.

Turns out, he really does suck.

And at least Sanchez has some history of being a mildly effective qb.

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