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Originally Posted by MillerTime2181 View Post
That's EXACTLY what is needed. 100% Just like during the NFL lockout negotiations Robert Kraft owner of the New England Patriots, who is/was widely respected throughout the league by owners and players alike; stepped up. When he spoke everyone listened. And he's widely credited with having a LARGE impact on getting the deal done. That's what the NHL needs. SOmeone from one side to just say enough is enough and get a damn deal done. It's patehtic.
I agree 100% with the bolded part.

However, one thing to consider is that the NHL has a pretty serious gag order on the owners and teams. IIRC during a previous lockout an owner was fined 500k for some of his comments.

More recently, Jim Devellano, Detroit RW, Senior VP, was fined 250k for some of his "incendiary" remarks:

Similarly, the players most likely have a gag order placed on them by the NHLPA. You wouldn't think so based on some of the ****ing GARBAGE that gets posted by them on twitter (but seriously they do).

The basic idea is that each organization must give the impression of being united. If one owner/player starts expressing his own opinions, then they jeopardize the integrity of their own bargaining power.

Not saying I agree with it, that's just the way it is.

Those sorts of comments are made at their own peril.

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