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10-08-2012, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Utterly Disgusting View Post
I justified it as I love hockey too much, that I'd be stupid not to order it during a lockout. Of course, the lockout could abruptly end and then I won't get 150 dollars worth. But my mindset is even if the lockout ends soon, our AHL team this year is going to be stacked (even if Granlund is recalled). So I'm aware that the video quality isn't nearly as good but I need something to watch in the meantime. I'm actually really happy too because I get to watch the first two games when they're happening. I get off work early Saturday and don't work Sundays. Pretty stoked about that.
I haven't made a final decision yet, but that's the way I'm leaning too.

If "all" I get to watch for most of the season is Coyle, Phillips, Zucker, Larsson, Bulmer and Hackett. . . well, I think I'm going to be okay with that. I wouldn't have said that about last year's Aeros team, but I think of any year in quite some time a Wild fan can justify an AHL Live season pass for the Aeros, whether there is NHL hockey played this season or not, it is this year.

If NHL/NHLPA settle on Thursday (I doubt it) with a revamped 82 game schedule, I might have a long talk about it with myself, but otherwise I'm likely to pull the trigger.

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