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10-08-2012, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by MoreGore View Post
Here are my thoughts regarding Toronto. It starts with the basic fact that I follow trends. I am not a scout, I don't see a lot of hockey, but I follow prospects closely. What I notice are trends. (Filatov is a great example, as are Angelo Esposito and Eric Fehr)

Both Colborne and Kadri are trending in the wrong direction. Given that they are considered top Leafs prospects makes me very leery. Granted Colborne was injured last year, but what a massive drop off he had. I honestly do not see either making much of an impact in the NHL. Perhaps the reality is that they are further down the list behind guys like Biggs, Ashton Finn and Frattin. If that is the a better representation of reality, then the Leafs are doing fine.

(Filatov was still a top 50 prospect despite being traded for a 3rd rounder.... are you kidding me? This is what I mean by trending in the wrong direction and it is not represented in Prospect rankings accurately)

Anyways, that is just the way I see it.
I agree that Colborne and Kadri are not poised to make a big impact in the NHL, but neither are any of the other guys you listed there. I would say Toronto is not fine in that regard, they need some more high end forwards other than Kadri and Colborne (who was never really considered one until he moved to the leafs..)

Not saying those guys wont be NHLers, but I would tend to believe those players will be more role/depth players, maybe the equivalents to our Greening/Condra/Obrien/Smith type guys, with the exception of Kadri who might be like Mike Ribeiro if all the stars align perfectly for him.

And hey not saying that would be a bad thing at all, every team needs some good depth core guys, god knows Im happy we've got ours. But Leafs are still going to be a looooong way away from being taken seriously in the playoffs even if those all those guys reach that potential.

If Toronto ever wants to stop toiling in mediocrity then they need to pick up some impact stars. They dont have those potential guys in there prospect pool imo, aside from Reilly. That makes him (potentially) and Kessel. It's going to take more than that.

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