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10-08-2012, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
I disagree with everything in your post, I read it twice just to try to find something I can agree on, and the bolded is as close as I could agree with. Even that, this is a stretch. His best points totals are significantly less than Richard's or Bergeron's career years. Furthermore more I don't understand the Grabo is the best this team is gonna get, that god Fletcher didn't think this way when he acquired Sundin and Gilmour. If Grabo is the best we are going to get, we may as well pack up are bags, and start watch the Marlies for some real winning hockey.
Dude you gotta stop living in the past, clarks and gilmores are a rare commodity. We can't just wait for one to magically appear and tell all the decent players we have no to take a hike because they aren't a Clarke or a Gilmore. First if all, its debatable whether those two coughs even make that big of an impact in today's game. Second of all nobody says Grabo is or ever will be one of those two, he's a second line center not a top 5 drafted elite caliber first liner,not sure what you expect of him. 3rd I'm not sure how any sane person could disagree that bergeron and Richards play with much higher caliber player, better D, better goal tending and better coaching, than Grabo, than compare the threes stats and be genuinely impressed with Grabo and happy he fell into our laps for some schmuck and a 2nd

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