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10-08-2012, 10:54 PM
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Question about the Blues financial situation

Oiler fan--come in peace

Let me start to give you some background. I am currently studying economics at the London School of Economics and spend most of my time looking at spreed sheets, business theories and concepts and studying the history of business and why some some work and some don't

I am a little older then some on this site (41) so I remember the late 70's, into the 80's and into the 90's when the blues never missed the playoffs and sold out nearly every game.

Starting a few years ago, like all teams, the blues had to rebuild and they went through a few owners and had lots of off ice issues.

I was taken a back when I read that the blues lost upwards of 20mill over the last two years. From a business perspective this confused me a bit. I thought the blues owned their own arena or had an agreement with the city for revenue from NHL game days.

Question is this. This is a serious question.

How have the Blues lost so much money over the past few years. I live here in the UK and I know like most US cities part of St Louis is not in the best shape financially. However, looking at the attendance for the past few years--they have been drawing good

11/12 771,207
10/11 785,150
09/10 755,322
08/09 760,732
07/08 722,021
06/07 513,345
05/06 582,742

Obviously the bottom two there are nasty numbers--but four years of drawing 700k+ leaves me to question how the blues have been losing so much money. The last few years due to the rebuild they have been at the cap floor. Do the blues have a horrible lease with the city or did they have a bad business plan?

I like John Davidson and do not think he will be out of work long. However, as the hockey prez, obviously the fact they lost so much money under his watch could make a few teams walk away from the guy.

IF this is a sore spot I am sorry and if the mods think it is over the line feel free to nuke. As an outsider, I thought the blues would be one of the teams making money and not losing it

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