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Originally Posted by Grant View Post
National juniors, no, I don't think Grabo would have made those teams, he is more of a late bloomer, Richards and Bergeron have been at this level for pretty much their entire careers while it is only in the last few years Grabo has found his game.

International teams it's even debatable if Bergeron should have made the team. If I remember correctly (and I'm not sure if I do) I believe their was some controversy with Bergeron making the team since there were other great players who didn't make it (Spezza comes to mind). Bergeron I think was more of a utility player (his faceoff percentage which was brought up earlier). Grabo no wouldn't make team Canada now but there are many other players who wouldn't make it either. To make it you basically need to have a great camp or fill a role.

Replacing Richards or Bergeron with Grabo and asking if they win a cup still is too hard to answer because we never know. I still think they do personally, both teams were dominant in their playoff runs, but we will honestly never know the answer. For this I will use Kaberle as an example. He got some points during the playoff run but for the most part was invisible and did very little. Does Boston wish that they never traded for him since we got Colborne + Liles (who is better than Kaberle at this point) from that package? Of course they still make that trade because they won the cup. Replacing him with someone else and you simply don't know if you still win it.

Winning does tend to follow good players but it isn't necessarily always the case. There will always be exceptions (such as Nash who has 4 playoff games, all loses, in his career of 674 NHL games) and Grabo so far in my opinion is one of them.
Kaberle was awful in the top 4, and it was only when Julien moved him to the bottom pairing with Mcquade that Boston came back to beat Montreal and then win the cup. This is a key distinction. Grabo does not have the same games as Richards and Bergeron, in my opinion, Boston and LA would have been up against it had they lost those 2 players. Definitely the Vancouver series the Canucks would have won. Alot of people forget Bergeron was the team's second leading scorer to Krejci with 20 pts in the playoffs, this and being the team's best defensive fwd. Richards had 15 pts in his playoff run and has always been a strong playoff performer since coming 1 game from winning the cup with the Flyers. On the otherhand Grabo dissapeared the last couple of months of last season when the games got tougher, he has no playoff history, to me his play suffers when the games get more important. He doesn't have much in reserves to elevate his game. Perhaps this is more to do because he is always trying, there is no level higher for him to push for when games get more intense. This has been a common theme for him. These are all things that point to LA and Boston if they lost Bergy and Richards and replaced them with Grabo, their chances of winning the cup would have been negatively affected.

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