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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
They tax him based on what he made in Carolina in the past even if it was this yr? Interesting.
Yeah, that's how it goes. Anyone who resides more than half a year in Finland will get taxed by the income figures based on the whole year, even if most of that income was made while residing abroad.

Though like I said, it's a little difficult to grasp the woes of a millionaire. If I made 3mil a year, I wouldn't have a slightest idea what to do with all of it even after the taxman's visit.

Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
Can someone tell me a bit about the JYP defence? Is this more of an offensive team with defence by committe? I'm guessing Nakyva is their best dman with a drop off and would he be around top 10 in the league?
JYP's defence mostly consists of veteran players with solid two-way game. Näkyvä is pretty much the only offensive-minded QB in the team. Well, Jyrki Välivaara is another, but he seems to have mellowed a bit over the years. Näkyvä hasn't really been all that visible before, though he is a 90-born so it's it's not really proper to talk about a late career year. This far he seems to have done a nice job stepping up after last season's best d-man Sami Vatanen crossed over.

While the JYP D is not the most skilled in the league, it's probably one of the most consistent. JYP has a highly honed system and most of the players have stuck with the team for years. They know each other inside out which definitely helps overcome any shortcomings in the raw skill deparment.

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