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10-09-2012, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
Oops. Was looking at the wrong year... still doesn't change my argument. You're trying to transplant Kessel's production onto Ryan, when they played on completely different teams. You're saying Ryan wouldn't get a boost from being on the 1st PP because Kessel didn't. My mistake with Boston just further points that out. A successful PP is going to have a more significant impact on his production. In Kessel's case, his PP TOI suggests he was on the 2nd PP unit. His 15 PP points put him at 5th, amongst forwards on Boston. The leading PP producer, as you mentioned, was Savard with 30.

The only team that matters, in this argument, is Anaheim. The only seasons where Bobby Ryan's PP numbers came close to the top 3 forwards(Selanne, Perry, and Getzlaf), were the seasons he spent some time on the 1st PP unit due to injuries. Trying to tell me that Bobby Ryan's numbers shouldn't take a nice jump, because of someone on a completely different team with completely different players is a bit absurd.
Not sure if the argument here is clear, but I am not saying Ryan wouldn't get a boost (because he should..), just not a significant one to erase the difference between him and Kessel. I'l agree to disagree, I see the difference in Kessel/Ryan's production levels a bit different than you do.

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