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Originally Posted by mdonova33 View Post
In your opinion, what was the most one-sided trade in the history of the NHL?
Gretzky to LA, because it was Gretzky. I could care less if the Oil managed to win 1 more Cup, if 99 had stayed around they probably could have won another 2-3 at least.

Also, Pronger to Anaheim from Edmonton. At the time it was a brutally one sided trade and the pieces have only now just begun to show their worth. People can say Lowe may have fleeced STL for Pronger in the first place and that may be true, but Lowe essentially handed Burke and the Ducks the Stanley Cup with that deal, right off the bat. The Ducks were dominant that year, and it wasn't that close really. Pronger leaving Edmonton is a major part of why Edmonton is where they are today, or you could say is partially responsible for why the Oilers were forced into this "rebuild" or whatever you want to call it.

The team and the city is just beginning toget over it now. I don't think people quite understand how damaging that trade was, it transcended hockey to an extent and left a bad mark on the city, not just the franchise.

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