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10-09-2012, 03:52 AM
Connor McOiler
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Originally Posted by Prajna View Post
Here is a perfect example of someone who knows nothing about the Senators. You have looked at stats and made judgements.

- 29 games is a much better indication to a team than 3. The Sens brass know a hell of alot more than you.

"Akim Aliu had 3 points in 2 games! That must mean he is better than every player aside from Crosby right?" ---This comment makes you look like a fool of fools.

- Paajarvi can't stick on one of the worst teams in the league and Turris sticks as second line center on a playoff team. You can't even read the stats page properly! How is 34pts in 80 games better than 29 pts in 49 games?

- Try to learn something about Ottawa's style of play. Why do you think they scored so many goals? It is alot easier for an NHL team to cut down on their GA, if you don't try to score. Sens try to score.

- According to you, if you demand a trade, your a ****** hockey player.

- Zibanejad is not in a position to take a spot fom Turris. They are not in competition. Again you are looking at the stats page (position) to get information for your arguement.
I really don`t see how you proved anything. It is hilarious when people have to resort to picking apart my arguments instead of making a case themselves.

Turris stuck as your 2nd line center because that was a positional need at the time. Hence trading for him....

Paajarvi lost his spot because Smyth came back. And also because the coach managed his time poorly. Why waste 3rd/4th line minutes on him when he could develop with a top 6 role on the Barons. Which he absolutely did.

It is alot easier for an NHL team to cut down on their GA, if you don't try to score. Sens try to score.
???? what????

No....the idea is to score while preventing them from scoring on you...

Look at Detroit's puck possession style. It is both defensive and offensive.

And no, if you demand a trade because you are impatient and haven't proven anything then you are just an ass. That is what he did.

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