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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
just one thing: bettman and the owners don't really have a choice but to lock the players out. invited a year ago to negotiate? nothing. taking two weeks to receive a counter proposal? still nothing...

fehr is ****ing around because they are getting an escrow paycheck this month and his next best point of leverage is the winter classic.

and the players that are saying "yeah, we'll just play without a CBA, then we can figure something during the season" need to get shot in the face to save humanity's gene pool. it an absolutely moronic thing to say and when they're saying that, they are either lying through their teeth, or they have been so brainwashed by fehr that you could probably shoot a remake of dawn of the dead in the PA's office right now...

the owners don't want to play without a CBA because one: it gives all the leverage to the players, and two: fehr will just pull the stunt he pulled in 94, going on strike before the playoff.

the owners have a framework in place that needs tweaking - not reworking, tweaking. this is the same framework that has the league pulling record REVENUES (for the economically ******** challenged, revenues does not equal profits), most of which is spent on player salaries anyways - salaries which have never been higher by the way! the players have benefited tremendously from the last CBA and now they refuse to propose a plan within the same framework as the last one? **** right off. and besides, the day employees start dictating to the employers how to structure their business is the day richard simmons suddenly acts macho, i like strawberry ice cream and the boston bruins (precisely in that order)
you mean product, right ?

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