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12-06-2003, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by victor
With all of the comments coming out of the Winter/Comrie camp, and the focus on the return (or lack therefore of,) it might be time to look at another alternative.

Never trading Mike Comrie.

Let all of the other GM's know that he is now and forever off of the market.

He plays in Edmonton, or he doesn't play.


Think of it this way. If Comrie never plays again, what would we lose? A (good) third round pick? A prospect or two?


I think that would be the WORST decision, if Comrie signs here just for the sake of playing somewhere, he wont contribute to our team cuz he'll play horrible & he'll screw the Oilers over every game by making bad's better to get something out of this, then absolutely nothing. take the best deal possible for Comrie, if we have to wait a while, so be it, it's not hurting us. I just want the best possible return in exchange for M.C., if he did somehow sign with the Oilers, i guarantee you the fans will drive him out of town like they did with Tom Poti. Us Edmonton fans aren't very forgiving when it comes to players holding out, even moreso when they say they dont wanto to play here & demand trades every little's gonna hurt us even more. thats not what us Oiler fans want, is it?

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