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Originally Posted by Stickchecked View Post
Aim for that two week stretch then so you have the extra time to rest and recover. Just keep muddling along until then, then take the first 7-9 days completely off, with just minimal cardio and stretching.

When I say minimal cardio, if you normally run 30 minutes, jog 10. If you ride the bike for an hour, do 15 minutes easy spinning. Follow it up with stretching. View the cardio as a moving massage, the goal is to just get the blood flowing and prevent stiffness. From a "workout" standpoint, it will feel like a joke. You should do ZERO activities that break down muscle for that first week.

Then take the rest of the second week to start introducing normal workouts, but try to do less than normal duration/intensity. Listen to your body and ease into it. Then by the time your schedule allows you to play hockey, you can jump right in.

I would only do yoga during the first week if it's something you do alone at home and it's more on the relaxing side of yoga. And even then, cut it short to 20-30 minutes. Don't get sucked into a real yoga class for the first week. (Although that might be the ideal first workout ~ day 7-9)

The final component of this is mental: Take a break from working out. Get your mind off of things. Do something fun.

Don't worry about losing fitness / strength. For the first week, your body is going to be repairing itself. I have always found myself become stronger after taking the necessary break from overtraining. (Of course I would have been better off not overtraining to begin with.)

The final image I'll leave you with is this: When you're recovering from overtraining, you really want to let your body completely fill in the hole that you've dug yourself. You want to allow for extra time so the hole is completely filled in and you're standing at the same level as the rest of the ground. Don't cut it short just because your head is out of/above the hole, so to speak. But your body needs more time to finish the job.

btw - How's your protein intake normally?

Protein intake is normally pretty high I would say? Especially with trying to follow paleo- I often have a couple eggs for breakfast, with a salad of some sort, maybe some chicken or something else added.

Lunch is usually leftovers of dinner the night before, which often consists of chicken/some sort of salad or green.

I've started eating quinoa lately as well, which I think is not technically paleo but has a lot of protein and is delicious and easy to make.

Thanks again for all your ideas. Out of curiosity, where do you get your nutritional expertise from?

Hockey-less though they may be, I'm looking forward to the two weeks. I'll be going abroad for work and I'll enjoy the different tastes/sights/sounds and won't have to feel bad about not doing anything. 8-)

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