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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
How was Singapore? In respect to the thread topic, we'll keep this exchange short. I'm just interested.
It was very cool. It seems like a really, really hella-fun place to be (which depends on your definition of "fun", I suppose, seeing as how alcohol is CRAZY over-taxed over there - a $7 bottle of wine in Ontario was like $25 there).

I wanted to stay in the world famous Marina Bay Sands hotel, with their infinity pool (if you have a fear of heights, do not google that), but the wife used her executive veto and instead we stayed in a Holiday Inn. A $600/night Holiday in (her work paid for it).

We did the Night Safari with the kids (basically a unique world-class zoo full of nocturnal animals, that you go at night to see them when they're up and active), which was good. And we did some other tourist-y things. Oh, and we drank a lot: There's a very ingrained "executive culture" there that caters to... well, executives. Which they foolishly thought we were, because my wife's work paid for our fabulously extravagant accommodations. Those accommodations got us access to a bunch of "executive lounges", which were ridiculously opulent. I mean, my daughter asked if they had hot chocolate, and the did not... so instead they melted $12 Swiss chocolates into warm milk for her. It was like a $48 hot chocolate. Ridiculous.

Also, the shopping was insane. You can easily tell why everyone in SE Asia goes to Singapore to shop, the whole city/country is built around malls. They're everywhere, and unlike the malls in Ottawa, they're built UP, not OUT. I was in a mall that had 14 floors. It was crazy.

So yeah, Singapore is good times. Expensive, expensive good times. I highly recommend it, if you are anywhere nearby, and have the good fortune of having your workplace subsidize your entertainment expenditures.

PM me with any other Q's, as I agree that this isn't the "Bonktastic's Adventures in Asia" thread.

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