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10-09-2012, 09:33 AM
Not so fast,
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Last night my team had an amazing game and I had a couple of good plays. A couple of beautiful passes - one that led to a goal and got me an assist.

Came out for a shift change, came over the boards and saw the other team with the puck. The guy who had it is someone that I've skated with pretty regularly at the I-league classes, and I have never, ever been able to get the puck away from him. Last night I skated right up to him, he lost control and I grabbed it and kept going right into their zone. I was pretty happy and surprised that it worked out that way, it's like one of those drop passes that look so pretty but you never seem to do right, cause you're not really expecting it to happen. Except he wasn't trying to pass it to me at all.

When I started playing, my goal was to not be horrible. Then my goal was to be able to perhaps not hurt my team, but at least get in the way of the other team and be a nuisance. And now I'm happy to be at the point where I'm not hurting the team, I'm able to be a bit of a nuisance to the other team from time to time, but I'm also able to contribute something to my team. 2 assists last week, 1 assist this week...I've been working hard on the ice and it's finally paying off!

Oh, and I also did stick time with my daughter yesterday. She has a blast out there, no fear and just loves skating around and hitting things.

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