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10-09-2012, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by GloryDaze4877 View Post
I don't think this is entirely true. Seens like 80% of the time, DMC's coverage is just fine? All someone needs to teach him to do is turn his head around before the ball gets there, so he stops getting flagged for INT. Can't complain too much about the underthrown balls, there isn't a DB in the league that doesn't get beat on those plays.

As far as the game goes, wasn't as close as it appeared. I know why BB tried to put the dagger in on that 4th down play in the 4th, he has seen Manning come back too many times, and was trying to avoid that, but he almost made it worse. He should have just played it by the book and made PM go 85-90 yards instead of 40.

Just found out I am taking customers to the BUF game on the 9th. Hope the weather is good.
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