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10-09-2012, 11:04 AM
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I'm going to be replacing my gear as I get closer to my goal weight - what would be the best order to do that? Every 10 pounds or so, I'm planning to replace something. After the first 10, I got a new stick. I'm getting close to the second 10, and the one thing that bugs me the most right now is my shoulder pads. They are so dang bulky, I know they make me look like a linebacker and they are just really kind of stiff. They are very basic ones, so I'm thinking just moving up a little bit in price point could get me something lighter and smaller.

I don't want to replace things twice, I'm thinking that if I get good-fitting shoulder pads, they'll still fit even after I reach my goal. My excess is all in my lower half, my top half isn't likely to change in size much. So I'm thinking go in this order - shoulder pads - elbow and shin pads - pants. I will replace the pants very last, unless it becomes a real issue with the pants not staying up.

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