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10-09-2012, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by fufonzo View Post
I'm with the owners.

I don't see the players having much of a leg to stand on. They just play the game. Owners take all the risk and are the reason a certain city even has a team to watch.

All the NHL players in the world could die tomorrow, and they'd just end up replacing them with the next best players and we'd all still watch. The players themselves really don't matter in the end.
That could be said for just about everyone walking the face of the earth, let alone the team owners. Heck, Ford survived Henry Ford and Apple will survive without Steve Jobs.

Originally Posted by fufonzo View Post
The skill level in hockey even 30 years ago was awful in comparison and people still watched and were just as into it as they are now (if not moreso).
Step into the History of Hockey section and say that the '82 Oilers and Islanders lacked skill.
Worse nutrition, conditioning, game plan? Yes.
Less skill? No freaking way!

It gets pretty hard taking the rest of your post seriously...

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