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Originally Posted by Franchise13 View Post
They might be more willing to hop on the bandwagon if you stopped referring to them in passive aggressive light
Fair enough, but witnessing how so many people have become Sharks fans, the glut of Bay Areans who picked up the Giants in 2010, and those who are rooting on the A's on their magical run this year, the potential for bandwagoning is there, people just gotta latch on.

Originally Posted by sharksohnoes! View Post

It's been a blast following the Quakes this season. Hopefully the magic continues and this goes down as one of the greatest seasons in bay area sports history.

In other news, USMNT call on Gordon. What is it about Wondo's game that Klinsmann just won't bite on?
As it stands, it'll already go down as one of the best in Quakes history, there's still a couple months left but it could certainly become a great all time year.

As for Wondo, he's not Dempsey or Gomez quality control striker, and Gordon is really the only target striker on the roster, who probably won't see any time either.

Originally Posted by CrazedZooChimp View Post
I wish they'd somehow managed to get the last game played at Stanford (or Spartan Stadium or something), or the playoff games. Probably can't happen now since football season started, but it's tough to be a bandwagon fan when the stadium sells out! I would go to the last home game if it weren't sold out (anyone wanna give me a ticket?)

Anyone have a guess what day the first playoff game would be? I don't even know how many rounds there are...
Rental cost for those facilities is huge, and though the Quakes are still playing well, it unfortunately might be tough sledding to make it cost worthy for any random game. Football being in season has definitely ruled out playing at Spartan or Stanford, Candlestick is a nightmare, as is the Coliseum, and AT&T is awful for soccer.

Playoff schedule:
Play-in game (#4 vs #5): 10/31 or 11/1
Conference Semi: 11/3 or 11/4 (Quakes on road), 11/7 or 11/8 (Quakes host)
Conference Final: 11/10 or 11/11 (Quakes on road), 11/17 or 11/18 (Quakes host)
MLS Cup: 12/1 (Quakes host, assuming they beat LA or Portland to end regular season)

Originally Posted by Kawaii View Post
I believe they've already ruled out Stanford due to scheduling issues. Same with Raider's stadium. 49ers field would be in rough shape so that's ruled out. Cal's field is too narrow + artificial turf is a no go.

Expect it to be at somewhere like AT&T park.
The three possibilities, as reported, at this point, are (in order of supposed liklihood): Stanford (which would be open if the Cardinal are not hosting the PAC-12 Championship on November 30th), Buck Shaw (many seats would be given to league sponsors, not a whole lot would be left for the Quakes to sell), or as a last resort, Spartan (which hosts its last SJSU game on Nov. 24, and would put down grass for this one game).

The Quakes have already said it won't be anywhere else, and explicitly spoke out against it being at AT&T.

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