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05-10-2006, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by StanAjax
Oh, I didn't even notice that a former Habs pick was playing in Rouen. I was living one hour from there until February.

Well, I'll see him next year.

By the way, he racked up points this year, and with the signing of his twin, Rouen will be able to reunite the former Tigres de Victoriaville's line Thinel-Mallette-Thinel.

I remember how some fans were saying that Marc-Andre was the steal of the draft, back in 1999.

For the players that have to be signed, I'd expect Gleed will be. But the record is not very good for the last NCAA players that the Habs let graduate : Dyment and Selig were not signed and I'm not sure about Shasby. I thought he was not signed either, but he played for Hamilton and Long Beach last year. Still, based on your reports Dan, I had the same level of expectation for Gleed (I'm not saying he's the same kind of player though), and I wouldn't be surprised either way. But with the need in Hamilton, a steady stay-at-home could be useful for the Dogs. If not next year, the one after a season in ECHL.

Late round picks have to continually improve to have a chance of earning a contract. I'm not sure either of our CHL prospects has improved enough for the Habs brass to believe they can become NHLers at this point of their careers. If they can help Hamilton or Long Beach fill holes in the roster, they might just be signed for that purpose though.

Finally, I'd like to see at least one of our dmen with a legitimate NHL upside in Hamilton next year, be it O'Byrne, Emelin or Korpikari.
I was a big fan of Thinel during his junior days, really thought he would have been a better AHLer then he was. oh well. Funny cause I also liked Mallette, both were solid ECHLers.

I would like to see Gleed signed but I agree our NCAA prospects haven't had much luck except the ones that leave early (Hainsey, Komisarek, Higgins) Shasby was indeed signed, funny story well not really funny but I got to talk to him a day or two before he signed with the Habs. We talked about how he wanted to make the team in Hamilton, what it was like going to the rookie camp to play along side guys like Komisarek, Hainsey, who he knew from the NCAA. Really cool guy to talk to, too bad he wasn't resigned, a solid ECHLer.

Guys like Ryan Glenn, Scott Selig, Craig Murray, Chris Dyment, didn't fare too well. I thought Glenn would get a contract but Gainey let him walk, which has me concerned for Gleed cause he's around that level. Glenn had more offense but Gleed is a smarter defensemen, bigger, stronger I'd say although I've seen Gleed a lot more then Glenn. Glenn did go on to be a ECHL All Star in his rookie year. As a big Cornell fan it would be great to see both Gleed and O'Byrne with the team.

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