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05-10-2006, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck
...I'm curious to know what fans think is the trading worth of the following three players, ....

[David] Aebischer
Mike Ribeiro
Richard Zednik

Please try to be realistic.
Trying to be realistic as suggested

David Aebischer has been playing in the NHL for 5 years, and had become a #1 at Colorado this year (It is seriously difficult to be #1 when the #1 of all time is on your team). He has along that timeline showcased some good stats (excellent .914 save % - excellent record 93W-61L-12T-2OTL - of course playing with Colorado helps).

Dwayne Roloson had been playing for 9 years when traded to Edmonton. 3 of those years he was clearly #1, this year, it wasn't as clear, while I will admit he was having a good season. His career save % is .910, slightly below Aebischer, his record is definitively not as bright as Aebischer, 97W-123L-42T-5OTL , but so was the team in front of him.

In the playoff, Aebischer, while he has less experience, he is just as good if not better than Roloson. It's difficult to compare again the record in terms of victories... since of course the teams in front of them are not the same... but the save percentage is definitively in favor of Aebischer.

Roloson Total NHL 23 10 11 - 1244 56 640 0 2.7 .913
Aebischer Total NHL 13 6 5 - 697 24 309 1 2.06 .922

Roloson is 36 year old. Aebischer 28.

Roloson makes 1.7 millions and is about to be UFA. Aebischer makes 1.9 millions and will be UFA in one year.

All that being said, the Roloson trade fetched a first round pick from Edmonton (roughly 17th overall)... and a conditional 3rd pick (I assume if Edmonton signs him to a new contract).

I don't see why we couldn't get the same type of return... that is a mid-first round pick. Both goalies are comparable in many ways, Aebischer is younger and will be UFA at the end of the year as Roloson is about to be.

Given a similar set of circumstances, that is, a team is battling for a playoff position and doesn't have an as established goalie than Aebischer... We can get the same kind of return.

I also think we can get that type of return now. Quite a few teams need a goalie like Aebischer... but at the same time, some UFA Goalie are about to become available.

The advantage of Aebischer is that is cost is clearly defined. That is 1.9 Million... and there is no guarantee for a team to get to sign one of those UFAs...

As an example, I can see Tamba Bay giving his first round pick of this summer in order to land him (15th overall). Making the playoffs next year will not be easy if they don't have an established goalie, Atlanta is coming strong, and Florida is gaining experience.

It's not obvious they can sign a good UFA, since there $ amount is limited by the big contracts they have.

Now a few other teams are in need of a goalie, and a similar reasoning can be held.

I certainly think that my trade discussion was realistic, since I compare it to a case that just happened.

If Montreal wish something else than a draft pick, I can see an organization giving a player that had not recently played to the level his contract commands.

Maybe a Vancouver with a Todd Bertuzzi....

The best example I can give, revolves around Aebischer himself.

Colorado did trade Aebischer and got in return, a player, Theodore, that was not playing up to the level of his contract.

That's where I think Aebischer's value stands.

As for Ribeiro and Zednik... I will discuss those cases later in another post... I wrote enough to support my case on Aebischer's value.

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